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Andy Shallal: Businessman, extremist, DC mayor?

November 14, 2013  •  The Daily Caller

If you follow any local food blogs – any at all – you know that Busboys & Poets restaurant owner Andy Shallal has tossed his hat in the ring for Washington, D.C. mayor. Shallal previously told us that, "If you don't consider [the chance of me running] lightly, then you're stupid."

He paints himself as an underdog against the field of better-known, better-funded, established politicians also running. Though his chances of winning might be slim, any candidate with radical domestic political views who also thinks the United States gets its "marching orders from Tel Aviv" on foreign policy is a candidate who should be taken seriously, because he's seriously scary.

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Keeping the GOP out of ENDA

November 4, 2013  •  The Daily Caller

At the beginning of October, Christian Berle and Gregory T. Angelo wrote at Huffington Post about putting "Putting the 'GOP' in ENDA" — and the same publication is out today with a post from the president encouraging Congress to pass it. I'll start November by pointing out that the GOP is not in ENDA — figuratively or literally — and it should remain that way.

Like Berle and Angelo, I'm a Republican. Like Berle and Angel, I'm a strong supporter of gay marriage. But unlike Berle and Angelo, I'm convinced that the same principles that lead to support of gay marriage — freedom and equality — should be applied to all government action, ENDA included.

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Same-Sex Marriage Ruling May Polarize the Marriage Equality Debate

September 10, 2013  •  Jurist

On August 22, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against the freedom of religion. The case,Elane Photography v. Willock, pitted Christian professional photographer Elaine Huguenin against Vanessa Willock and her same-sex partner. When Willock asked Huguenin to photograph her same-sex commitment ceremony, Huguenin declined, stating that the assignment would conflict with her Christian beliefs. The trial court ruled that Huguenin violated the state's Human Rights Act and fined her $7,000. The appeals court affirmed. So did the New Mexico Supreme Court [PDF], unanimously, on August 22.

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Religious liberty depends on right-of-center gay marriage advocates

August 26, 2013  •  The Daily Caller

Suppose — and it shouldn't take too much imagination — that gay marriage is inevitable. The remaining question becomes: Is it a gay marriage of the progressive left, one that forces gay marriage down the throats of unwilling Americans, trumping all other protected liberties? Or is it a gay marriage of the right, creating equality under the law without carving out any protected classes and without violating established liberties?

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Soda ban ruling: Not the win we'd hoped for

August 9, 2013  •  The Daily Caller

Few people ruffle my libertarian fur more than Mayor Michael Bloomberg. So of course I celebrated the July 30 ruling against the Mayor's soda ban. But I limited the number of 16-plus ounce drinks that I popped in celebration. Not for health reasons, but because the win wasn't really the libertarian victory I was looking for. The actual win leaves the door open for future soda bans in New York and other cities.

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